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About us

Doors, windows, sliding doors, sliding folding doors, frames, louvres and garage doors are handcrafted to the highest standards from solid Meranti and other fine hardwoods, COTECH wood products are undeniably collectables. 

From the exclusive Renaissance range to the extensive Michelangelo collection, the choice is yours. Every individual taste and style is catered for and each item reflects a classy elegant and timeless appeal. Start your collection today and surround yourself with the natural beauty, warmth and richness of solid wood. 

Visit our showroom at COTECH INDUSTRIES, 12 Doloriet St, Ladine, Polokwane. 

Firmly established in Polokwane, Limpopo COTECH INDUSTRIES are celebrating our 25th birthday this year. This well-known business was established in 1989 by Kobus Kruger and was primarily involved in woodwork manufacturing of sleeper furniture and garage doors. 

In 1995 the business steered away from the manufacturing side and diverted its efforts into the trade side of wooden garage doors, furnishings and related products, including and extensive array of decor products. 

COTECH INDUSTRIES have always been based in Polokwane and built its own building in 1997 in the current location. 

The building is attractively laid out and is centrally located which makes it easy for clients to find us. Ample parking under lovely trees ensures you can browse and shop at your leisure without having to worry about your vehicle. The combination of Facebrick and plastered wall mix allows the building to stand out from those surrounding it. Once inside, you are enveloped by the smell of wood and it feels as though you are walking into a living room. You are tempted to explore further with meandering halls where a new surprise awaits around every corner. Each room in COTECH INDUSTRIES showroom is designed to display an extensive array of products. The building is one huge showroom!

The items are also not displayed in the normal format. Items are not simply placed on the shelves, everything is built into the structure of each room, just as you would find them in a home. The ceiling cornices are fitted into the ceilings, but divided between the various designs, which allows customers to choose the ones most attractive to them. 

Kobus says that about a third of the space is utilised as a showroom "ensuring that our clients can have a visual experience and will know beforehand what the finished product will look like" 

Products they stock include an extensive range of decor finishes such as railings, cornices, ceiling imprints, and other ceiling and drywall products and home improvement items. Wooden doors and window frames are built into the displays allowing clients to experience and appreciate what it will look like once installed. They are fully functional, fitted with door handles and they all open and close. Another surprise is fully automated garage doors that opens and close in the showroom. 

COTECH INDUSTRIES is the largest garage door supplier in the Limpopo Province and do everything from sectional garage doors through to roll-ups, and other wooden steel and industrial doors, all which are fully automated. Kobus Kruger, owner of COTECH INDUSTRIES reiterate that after sales service is very important to companies and clients. "We supply, install and maintain the product and this ensures that clients return to us. "

We all work closely together to make this family business a successful one.